Monday, March 3, 2014

Meet Raven and Little Romy

Hello everyone,
     I hope everybody is doing well out there in blog land, is the weather treating you nice? I know some of our northern neighbors have been having a difficult winter, but hopefully you all still have power! 
Today I thought I would introduce you to some new characters in my mini drama. This is Raven the gypsy women and Romy the pretty little blonde girl that she says is her daughter!?
There seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding these two, they live in an old servants house on the Valentine property. Dr. Valentine discovered them camping on the estate and offered them the old servants house in exchange for some of Raven's Herbal medicines for his patients ( I haven't found the right house yet, so just pretend with me ) She also gives the Valentine's Eggs from the chickens she keeps and home spun yarn from her sheep.

 It's Romy's job to collect the eggs everyday. It seems one of the sheep has wandered over to see whats going on, is that naughty sheep eating the flowers?
 As you can see Raven's chickens are thriving and the hens are in the nesting boxes laying eggs!
This was the chicken coop that came from the estate sale where I bought that huge haul of miniatures, I positioned all the chickens with a little wax so that they would stand up or sit in the nesting box ,unfortunately this picture doesn't show the nesting boxes very well. I also added a little bit of Ivy, some dried flowers and sunflowers to a few spots on the outside of the coop. Well that's it for now, but you'll hear more about these characters in the future!! Till next time, love and blessings to you all :)