Monday, February 24, 2014

A Mini Update

Hello everybody,
   I thought I would give you a quick update on Grandma and Grandpa Hart's House. In case you don't remember, that's Victoria Valentine's parents, they will be living in the mother in law house on the Valentine property, which is a slightly smaller version of the big house. Grandma and Grandpa have been living in the big house with Victoria and Conrad while work is being done in their house, needless to say while the Valentine house is a home filled with great love :)  everyone is happy that Grandma and Grandpa and their 3 spaniels and their cat can now move into the in law quarters. There is still a lot to be done but Grandma, Grandpa and myself thought we would give you a little tour anyway.  Till next time, love and blessings to you all!

 This is Grandpa's library, still need rug and pictures. everything else I already had from the miniature estate sale I went to, you can read about that in my blog called miniature mania.The desk came from Victoria's house.
 The parlor is made up of a couch that came with the Valentine residence, a fireplace I bought for the Valentine residence and didn't like it there, table from estate sale chairs and piano bought recently.
 dining room furniture also bought at estate sale except china cabinet which also came from Valentine residence
 bed and highboy actually came in this house but dresser w/ mirror and night stand were bought at antique store
 kitchen doesn't have a stove yet, still looking for just the right one. I have dishes and food just haven't put them in there yet since I will have to take all this stuff out again to finish installing lights once I buy them.
Bathroom fixtures came from estate sale and I attached faucets and toilet seat from another set that came with this house.  well that's all folks!!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Child Hood Friend

Hello everybody,
     Well I didn't quite get my valentines post in did I?  Valentines day was my 23rd anniversary and the day after was my great nieces wedding, so it turned into a rather busy weekend. Happy belated Valentines everybody, hope you had a day filled with love, family and blessings.
      Do you remember your favorite toy friend? Did you keep it all these years or has it long been lost? Well I had this doll and she was one of my most cherished childhood possessions, she was the doll that slept in my bed at night, that went with me to all my friends houses, the baby who played a central part in all my play house dramas and the doll who comforted me when I was upset, sad or sick. She was my friend, well like a lot of child hood friends, I eventually out grew her, but not the memories she represented, so she stayed with me through out my teenage yrs. When I got married she made the move with me, but eventually she got packed away in a plastic bag with some other keepsakes. Then disaster struck, one day during cleaning out a room, she accidentally  got put into a shed where she mildewed and was ruined. I was upset but she was beyond repair and ended up in the trash. Years later when I was remarried to the wonderful man I'm married to now, I started to keep my eyes open when we'd go out antiquing, thrifting, auctioning etc. and sometimes I'd see a doll that was close but not exactly the same. Well about 2 wks ago it finally happened, we were browsing around this little antique shop we had just discovered, and there she was, that familiar face I knew so well!! Of course I bought her and except for the clothes(someone redressed her quite beautifully) she is the exact same doll. Now to a collector she would have very little value, as she is not an antique or a famous maker doll, she is vintage from the early seventies, but she was just a common toy. To me she's priceless! She now has pride of place on my bed. Here's to happy memories and childhood friends!! Till next time, love and blessings to you all,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

catching up!

Well hello everyone,
    First of all, a big thank you to Myrtle Mayhem for solving my problem with picture loading, it was as simple as using google chrome, problem fixed, Yeah! Since I haven't posted in a few weeks, I thought I'd show you all the pictures from my great nieces bridal shower that took place a few weeks ago. Savanah is getting married this Saturday and it has been a whirlwind week for her and her mom, I'm sure!! Some of you probably have already seen pictures on my nieces blog, sunny skies and sweet tea, if not go on over and visit her, you will enjoy it I'm sure! The next weekend after that, my church gave me a lovely honor, they've only done this twice so far, so truly I felt privileged to be a part. They gave us this little statue, it's called the divine servant, its a representation of Jesus washing the disciples feet, these were given to people who serve in the church in some capacity. I've been attending this church for 6+ yrs. and I can truly say I have learned more about the word of God and who I am in Christ, in this 6 yrs. than all the yrs. spent in other churches!!
I feel blessed to have my Pastor and his wife and indeed my whole church family in my life. Truly God has blessed me!!  If any of you dear readers out there do not have a church home I would strongly encourage you to find one. We all need a place to learn and grow in Christ and to belong to a local body! Well thats all for now, I'll be back to wish you a happy valentines day, so till then, love and blessings to you all!!
 Savanah, the bride to be, looking as lovely as ever
 The women waiting to be served, the tea room is decorated beautifully,
 Everyone had a good time and the food was delicious
 Savanah   opening her gifts
 Left to right,  Amy Jo, Savanah, Amber, Barbara, Me
 my sister Barbara with her grand daughter and my other great nice, Sophia, I think my sister looks so cute in this outfit with her hat!
 My pastor Dr. Darrell Morgan and his wife Lisa giving me the little statue
 My area of service, the praise band.