Friday, April 11, 2014

Strange Happenings In The Ideal House

Hello Everyone,
 Well it seems something unusual is happening in the Ideal household, shall we go have a look?
   Hmm, the children are playing in their bedroom, nothing to unusual about that.
 Tommy wants to go outside and ride his bike, Tammy decides to go outside too, but when Tommy ask her if she would like a ride on the handlebars she says no because someone has to take care of her pumpkin......Tommy rolls his eyes, girls are so weird!!
Mother calls Tammy to come inside and practice her piano, Tommy follows and aggravates his sister by threatening to take the pumpkin, finally mother tells Tommy to stop bothering his sister she needs to practice!! Father doesn't know what to think?!

That night at the dinner table Father tells Tammy to stop playing with her pumpkin and eat her dinner!
After the children have left the table and gone to get ready for bed, Pete asks Patti if she has noticed  that Tammy is playing with a pumpkin? Well of course I've noticed says Patti, how could I not? She takes the silly thing everywhere! Don't you think this is odd behaviour asks Pete, didn't we just buy her skates, a new doll, books and several other toys for Christmas? Well you know how children are and if she's happy playing with a fall decoration, whats the big deal? Well it just seems a little odd, says Pete, have you asked her why she is playing with the pumpkin? No but I will dear if it makes you feel better answers Patti.
 Patti heads upstairs to tuck the children in.
When Patti gets upstairs the children are already in their beds and Tammy has got her pumpkin in the bed with her. Tammy, says Mother, don't you think its time to put the pumpkin away with the other decorations until next year? Oh No Mommy , you can't do that, how will the fairy God mother find it if it's in the attic? Cinderella needs her coach to get to the ball Mommy or she'll never meet prince charming and then she'll be stuck with the wicked stepmother and sisters forever!! OH I see says Mother,  understanding finally  dawning.  Mother gently explains that Cinderella is a fairy tale and that its just make believe and there is no such things as fairy God Mothers and magical pumpkin coaches, but try as she might, Tammy is not convinced and insists upon keeping her pumpkin ! Oh well sighs Mother they are only children for a little while and she settles down to read Tammy's favorite bedtime story, Cinderella once more. As the children drift off to sleep Patti thinks to herself, Fairies indeed!!  If Only!!
Mother heads back downstairs to tell Pete why their daughter has been dragging a pumpkin around when suddenly out of no where this thought just pops into her head....
She knows just what she needs to do, so she tells Pete she will be back in a jiffy and grabs her purse and heads out the door
Mother is back in a flash with her prize, and she quietly makes her way into the twins bedroom, where she will make the switch.. the toy coach and horses for the pumpkin!!

Back downstairs, Pete congratulates her on being such a clever Mother, I just don't know how you think these things up says Pete! Meanwhile upstairs............
Good night sweet children, pleasant dreams!!
Till next time, Love and blessings to you all!!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Meet a few other doll friends

Hello Everyone,
  I do hope you are all doing well out there in blog land!! First of all I want to ask you  what you think of my new look for my blog? I finally just jumped in and stumbled around until I figured it out, it only took me about 5 1/2 Hrs. Yes I can see some of you computer saavy people laughing out loud right now :) What I still haven't figured out , is how to make it so people can just follow me on blogger, not circles, maybe I just don't know what they are calling the link button? Anyway if any of you can tell me, I would appreciate it, since I really don't understand the whole circles thing!
  Well today I thought I'd show you some pictures of a few dolls  that I have come to own recently, this first one is a lovely bed doll from the 1920's. I found her at Renningers flea market for only $25.00, usually these dolls are around $75.00 or higher, so I felt she was quite a deal!

 This little doll was actually one I bought at auction to sell in my booth at the antique store,after a few months she hadn't sold and I brought her home, thinking I'd take her back after a period of time,but now I love her and I think I'll keep her, Hee Hee.

 This is also a doll I bought to sell at the same time as the one above, this one is a Franklin mint, not really antique , but vintage from the early 1970's' I love the case she came in with all the wedding memorabilia around her, I have the glass front open so I could take pictures. She's hanging on the wall above the one I just showed you.

 And last but not least this little German doll was bought from an estate sale where the lady who owned her told me the dolls story. The lady was in her eighties and was having to downsize to move in with her daughter, she told me she had owned the doll since she was around 10 yrs. old. she had received the doll from an Aunt who had owned it from her childhood, so she knew for sure the doll was over 100 yrs. old. I asked her what she had named the doll since she had owned it since childhood, but she said she had never given the doll a name, since she really was never allowed to play with it, apparently her Mother put it in a cabinet to preserve it until she was older. Her daughter suggested she tell me what her own name was since it was an unusual family name and so now the doll is named Natholyn in Honor of the woman I bought her from.
Well that's all for now, so till next time, love and blessings to you all!!