Monday, October 13, 2014

The Whitman house

Hello Everybody,
   I hope all of you out there in blog land are doing well! Are you starting to pull out the fall decorations and savor the anticipation of the coming holidays yet? Well I'll be honest and tell you I haven't pulled out the decorations yet, but it doesn't mean I haven't been busy, you see there's a new house that has moved onto 214 Anniversary Dr. This house is done in a french chateau style and it belongs to Dr. Valentine's sister Sarah and her husband Joseph Whitman ( as in Whitman's sampler, think Valentines here, hee hee) and apparently there is a lot of money in confectionary because this place is a mansion!!
   My husband and I bought this amazing house at the same auction that the Valentines and Grandma and Grandpa Harts house came from, except this one came completely furnished with bespaq furniture and real crystal chandeliers and all the beautiful stuff that you just dream about buying when you go to the miniature store, but is just not in the budget! Whats more amazing is I got the whole house for the price of one of the chandeliers, WOW!! I think this was because it is a very large house and because everything was in disarray from being moved, but whatever the reason I'm so excited to get it!! So without further ado, let's have a look shall we?
 The house is about 4.5  Ft tall by 33 inches wide. It's slightly larger than the Valentines house.

 looks like they have a visitor! and the cats are soaking up some sun
 the whole thing is beautifully landscaped and is on a turn table
I added the gardener's wheel barrow to this side
 This is an overview of the whole thing. That's Sarah in the master bedroom, I added her from my stash, most of the dolls she had were resin figures and I don't like those because I can't pose them. I still have to get Joseph and the household staff dolls.
 That's Ruetter ( don't know if I spelled that right) porcelain on the table and it all came with the house and it's totally amazing that it didn't get lost or broken with the way everything was all over the place! Woops I need to hide that wire that's hanging down ;-)
 This is Alexandra, the Whitman's teenage daughter playing the harp, she came with the house.
it's not in this picture but there's now a tiny Whitman's sampler on that end table by the settee ;-)
 This is Joseph's library, I added the table cloth and the cake to the birthday scene by the settee in the corner, everything else came with the house.
 Master bedroom, I added some bedding
 Alexandra's bedroom, I added parasol and flower's in window. Love the hope chest!
 This is the baby and nannies room, I have the baby, but haven't named her yet, What do you think she should be named? I added bedding, the vase on the mantle and plant in window.
 everything in the kitchen came with the house, she had lot's of cute kitchen staff but all resin :-(
I need to be able to pose them for story telling which is half the fun for me!
 this is a servants room off the kitchen but I may eventually change this to a bathroom, since there isn't one in the house. I added the flower pot, clock, tea set and pillow on the bed.
Well that's the whole house for now, but of course there will be stories and updates to come!!
Now I better go check on Celestine because I have left her unattended way to long!! I hear her in the kitchen,

UM Celestine, what are you doing?
Well I am helping you cook darling, yes? 
But Celestine I already seasoned that chili!!
Don't worry, I make it better, you see.
OH Boy,
lets hope we can still eat it!
Till next time, love and blessings to you all,

Teresa and Celestine