Friday, August 29, 2014

Meet Celestine

Hello Everyone,
  Well I hope your Labor day weekend is getting off to a great start!! I have a feeling mine is going to be interesting, you see Celestine has come to live with me and let me tell ya, this doll is proving to be a hand full already! She showed up after her trip from Canada ( Ebay ) and Immediately let me know she was sick of wearing that outfit, and she wanted her makeup refreshed right away!
So I repainted her lips and eyebrows, took the lays from around her neck and arm and promised her a shopping trip for clothes! She was not happy to have to wait till the next day to go shopping but I told her it would give us a chance to decide what kind of outfit she might like and where to find it, to which she replied, outfit?..... you mean wardrobe darling!! UH yes of course, wardrobe, silly me! :-) Now Celestine talks with an exotic Spanish sounding accent, which seemed odd since she was dressed like a Hawaiian, so I asked her about it and she told me she is from Barcelona Spain and has no idea why they dressed her in that ridiculous outfit and another thing she is not a little girl anymore since she was born in the 1960's and she would appreciate it if I would dress her accordingly! Well I don't know if she's having delusions of grandeur or what, but I'm not going to argue with her, besides she does an excellent Spanish accent, so Spain it is! 
So today arrived and we were off to shop!
When we got into the car Celestine insisted on riding here, 
Me: Celestine that's not really a good place for you to sit
Celestine: Well I have to be able to see to tell you how to drive darling, no?
So we were off to Wal- Mart where we found an outfit she liked and would fit, this was no easy task as Celestine is both picky and very thin!
When we got to the car she demanded to have her new outfit put on, so I obliged her and she spent the rest of the ride home playing with the stereo, changing channels every 2 seconds, and wanting to know where is the channel with all the beautiful Spanish flamenco music?
Back home she spent several moments admiring herself in the mirror 
Then she wanted to know where we were taking her out dancing, when I said we weren't, she sighed with disgust and headed to the stereo in the living room, declaring in her exotic accent that she was a beautiful Spanish woman and she wanted to dance, to live , to dream!
UH Celestine careful with that knob......
Too late... I better go run damage control before the cops show up for disturbing the peace, I mean after all , what would I tell them?...That Celestine did it? Hee Hee
Till next time, Love and blessing to you all and a happy Labor day too!
Teresa and Celestine

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Saturdays buy's and random things

HI Everybody,
  Can you believe it's Wednesday already? Remember when you were younger and older people would say stuff like, boy time is just flying by, and you really didn't know what they were talking about? Maybe this was because we were living each moment in the moment, instead of hurrying around trying to get everything done on a schedule or ahead of time- you know where your mind is always moving ahead to the next thing instead of just being present in the moment that you are currently experiencing. I've personally been trying to slow my thoughts down and bring them into the present moment, to pause and see the good that's all around me now, to realize that THESE are the good ole day's. I feel I used to do this naturally, but somehow in the last few years while we were going through some tuff things, I switched into survival mode and forgot how to take pleasure in the small things, the here and now. Life is rarely perfect for anyone, but I believe that if we take pleasure in the ordinary, we will often discover it to be extraordinary!! So in that vein of thought I took these pictures to share with you of the ordinary/ extraordinary day today :) This is my beautiful new Hugs N Kisses hibiscus in bloom, Lorraine if you see this, thank you !! Lorraine over at Flower Lady's musings posted about hers and I immediately went on a search for one- found it at home depot. It puts out different color blooms from the same plant, so gorgeous, go over and visit Lorraine at her blog to see her collage.By the way I put this out by the bird bath that I showed you a couple of post ago... which leads me to,
 Naughty squirrel,  there's no birds yet because this guy keeps emptying the feeder! Now don't get me wrong he's cute and entertaining, but a gal could go broke trying to feed these little piggy's :-)
 They just park right inside the feeder and eat until its all gone! Incidentally, I went and bought a new feeder that is supposed to be squirrel proof, I hope it works.
How was your weekend? Mine was so nice, my husband had the complete day off on Saturday and we decided to head to an auction in Leesburg, which is a town just up the road from us. There was a couple of dollhouse's for sale and lots of doll's, I didn't get the room box I wanted, but I got this little dollhouse and I just think it is the cutest little thing, I'm not sure what scale furniture it needs yet, I think  1/48 but I'm not sure. Haven't figured out the story that will go with this one yet, but give me time and I'm sure I'll come up with something, hee hee!! oooo I just love dollhouses, the possibilities are endless!!
My husband had to patch a hole in the floor where someone put a light in it. It's been stained now and you can hardly notice it.
And last but not least we got this pretty girl, she's had some restoration work but she is quite old. I think she is just lovely don't you?
She does a fine job of looking after her baby sister :-)
Well I guess that is all for now folks, please leave comments, as I love them so much, it lets me know someone is reading this and I value your input!! So till next time, Love and Blessings to you all,

Friday, August 1, 2014

Uh Oh Grandma Hart is not feeling well

Hello everyone,
  Well it seems that Grandma Hart has taken to her bed with fever and a great deal of stomach discomfort. Victoria has spent the night trying to get the fever down and some fluids in her Mother, just as her husband Dr. Valentine instructed, but when the Dr. checks in the next day, she seems no better.

 Dr. Valentine decides it's time to pay a visit to Raven the gypsy woman, so he makes his way to the old servants house which is actually on his estate where Raven and her little girl Romney live. He remembers the day he found them camping on his property in the wagon that they were calling home, of course he was moved with compassion when he realized the woman and her daughter were on their own,so he quickly made a deal with her that she could stay in the old servants house and pay rent with fresh eggs, yarn and of course herbal remedies for his patients. It seemed like a win/win situation for everyone and so far he's never regretted it, Oh he's been questioned around town about the strange gypsy woman and her blonde,blue eyed child, but the Doc knows people are always curious and suspicious of that which is different. He arrives at the house and knocks on the door.
 Raven answers and invites Dr. Valentine in, after he carefully explains Grandma Hart's symptoms and tell's Raven he believes it is a case of the dreaded and sometimes fatal influenza, she consults her huge book that she call's the wisdom of the Ancient of days,all the while little Romney watches her Mama carefully, as Mama always tells her it's important for her to learn the old ways, the things that have been passed down from generation to generation
 Next Raven consults her Herbal remedy book and begins to mix some things together from various bottles and jars
 She sets the medicine on the table and explains the instructions for use to Dr. Valentine and then she does what she always does every time the Doc has gotten remedies from her, she speaks these words, Oh Ancient of days, you have sent your word and healed us of all our diseases and all of our destructions , and then she places her hands on the medicine and begins to speak in a language that the doc doesn't understand. The doc is always in awe, because there seems to be some kind of tangible power in the room as the gypsy woman speaks and so far the remedies have worked in some of the most difficult situations when nothing else has. Pretty soon the doc is on his way.
 Dr. Valentine goes back to Grandma's and administers the remedy as instructed and sure enough the next day, much to every ones relief, grandma is as right as rain, they all gather in grandmas parlor to visit and grandpa serenades his beautiful bride and says a silent prayer of thanks. Even the puppies are happy to see grandma better. As they chat and laugh and visit the day away, both the doc and Victoria think to themselves, what a blessing it was the day the gypsy woman came their way.
Till next time,
Love and Blessings to you all,

I seem to have left poor grandma and grandpa hanging with their house only partially done, poor things, looks like I better get to shopping and decorating before they lose all patience with me!! hee hee