Friday, August 1, 2014

Uh Oh Grandma Hart is not feeling well

Hello everyone,
  Well it seems that Grandma Hart has taken to her bed with fever and a great deal of stomach discomfort. Victoria has spent the night trying to get the fever down and some fluids in her Mother, just as her husband Dr. Valentine instructed, but when the Dr. checks in the next day, she seems no better.

 Dr. Valentine decides it's time to pay a visit to Raven the gypsy woman, so he makes his way to the old servants house which is actually on his estate where Raven and her little girl Romney live. He remembers the day he found them camping on his property in the wagon that they were calling home, of course he was moved with compassion when he realized the woman and her daughter were on their own,so he quickly made a deal with her that she could stay in the old servants house and pay rent with fresh eggs, yarn and of course herbal remedies for his patients. It seemed like a win/win situation for everyone and so far he's never regretted it, Oh he's been questioned around town about the strange gypsy woman and her blonde,blue eyed child, but the Doc knows people are always curious and suspicious of that which is different. He arrives at the house and knocks on the door.
 Raven answers and invites Dr. Valentine in, after he carefully explains Grandma Hart's symptoms and tell's Raven he believes it is a case of the dreaded and sometimes fatal influenza, she consults her huge book that she call's the wisdom of the Ancient of days,all the while little Romney watches her Mama carefully, as Mama always tells her it's important for her to learn the old ways, the things that have been passed down from generation to generation
 Next Raven consults her Herbal remedy book and begins to mix some things together from various bottles and jars
 She sets the medicine on the table and explains the instructions for use to Dr. Valentine and then she does what she always does every time the Doc has gotten remedies from her, she speaks these words, Oh Ancient of days, you have sent your word and healed us of all our diseases and all of our destructions , and then she places her hands on the medicine and begins to speak in a language that the doc doesn't understand. The doc is always in awe, because there seems to be some kind of tangible power in the room as the gypsy woman speaks and so far the remedies have worked in some of the most difficult situations when nothing else has. Pretty soon the doc is on his way.
 Dr. Valentine goes back to Grandma's and administers the remedy as instructed and sure enough the next day, much to every ones relief, grandma is as right as rain, they all gather in grandmas parlor to visit and grandpa serenades his beautiful bride and says a silent prayer of thanks. Even the puppies are happy to see grandma better. As they chat and laugh and visit the day away, both the doc and Victoria think to themselves, what a blessing it was the day the gypsy woman came their way.
Till next time,
Love and Blessings to you all,

I seem to have left poor grandma and grandpa hanging with their house only partially done, poor things, looks like I better get to shopping and decorating before they lose all patience with me!! hee hee


  1. Very Cute! I am glad Grandma is better!

    Amy Jo

  2. I believe I could use some of Raven's medicine right now. I got shingles, not much fun. Oh well, I too shall soon be well, glad it worked for grandma. Love the stories ! Barbara