Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Saturdays buy's and random things

HI Everybody,
  Can you believe it's Wednesday already? Remember when you were younger and older people would say stuff like, boy time is just flying by, and you really didn't know what they were talking about? Maybe this was because we were living each moment in the moment, instead of hurrying around trying to get everything done on a schedule or ahead of time- you know where your mind is always moving ahead to the next thing instead of just being present in the moment that you are currently experiencing. I've personally been trying to slow my thoughts down and bring them into the present moment, to pause and see the good that's all around me now, to realize that THESE are the good ole day's. I feel I used to do this naturally, but somehow in the last few years while we were going through some tuff things, I switched into survival mode and forgot how to take pleasure in the small things, the here and now. Life is rarely perfect for anyone, but I believe that if we take pleasure in the ordinary, we will often discover it to be extraordinary!! So in that vein of thought I took these pictures to share with you of the ordinary/ extraordinary day today :) This is my beautiful new Hugs N Kisses hibiscus in bloom, Lorraine if you see this, thank you !! Lorraine over at Flower Lady's musings posted about hers and I immediately went on a search for one- found it at home depot. It puts out different color blooms from the same plant, so gorgeous, go over and visit Lorraine at her blog to see her collage.By the way I put this out by the bird bath that I showed you a couple of post ago... which leads me to,
 Naughty squirrel,  there's no birds yet because this guy keeps emptying the feeder! Now don't get me wrong he's cute and entertaining, but a gal could go broke trying to feed these little piggy's :-)
 They just park right inside the feeder and eat until its all gone! Incidentally, I went and bought a new feeder that is supposed to be squirrel proof, I hope it works.
How was your weekend? Mine was so nice, my husband had the complete day off on Saturday and we decided to head to an auction in Leesburg, which is a town just up the road from us. There was a couple of dollhouse's for sale and lots of doll's, I didn't get the room box I wanted, but I got this little dollhouse and I just think it is the cutest little thing, I'm not sure what scale furniture it needs yet, I think  1/48 but I'm not sure. Haven't figured out the story that will go with this one yet, but give me time and I'm sure I'll come up with something, hee hee!! oooo I just love dollhouses, the possibilities are endless!!
My husband had to patch a hole in the floor where someone put a light in it. It's been stained now and you can hardly notice it.
And last but not least we got this pretty girl, she's had some restoration work but she is quite old. I think she is just lovely don't you?
She does a fine job of looking after her baby sister :-)
Well I guess that is all for now folks, please leave comments, as I love them so much, it lets me know someone is reading this and I value your input!! So till next time, Love and Blessings to you all,


  1. Hi Teresa, I love that hibiscus, so beautiful ! I know what you mean about time slipping away and I too now try to be in the moment more. Because after all that is what we have and are blessed to possess it ! Barbara

  2. I remember Lorraine's Hibiscus. How fun that you treated yourself to one! :) Thank you for the kind words on my blog too. ♥