Friday, August 29, 2014

Meet Celestine

Hello Everyone,
  Well I hope your Labor day weekend is getting off to a great start!! I have a feeling mine is going to be interesting, you see Celestine has come to live with me and let me tell ya, this doll is proving to be a hand full already! She showed up after her trip from Canada ( Ebay ) and Immediately let me know she was sick of wearing that outfit, and she wanted her makeup refreshed right away!
So I repainted her lips and eyebrows, took the lays from around her neck and arm and promised her a shopping trip for clothes! She was not happy to have to wait till the next day to go shopping but I told her it would give us a chance to decide what kind of outfit she might like and where to find it, to which she replied, outfit?..... you mean wardrobe darling!! UH yes of course, wardrobe, silly me! :-) Now Celestine talks with an exotic Spanish sounding accent, which seemed odd since she was dressed like a Hawaiian, so I asked her about it and she told me she is from Barcelona Spain and has no idea why they dressed her in that ridiculous outfit and another thing she is not a little girl anymore since she was born in the 1960's and she would appreciate it if I would dress her accordingly! Well I don't know if she's having delusions of grandeur or what, but I'm not going to argue with her, besides she does an excellent Spanish accent, so Spain it is! 
So today arrived and we were off to shop!
When we got into the car Celestine insisted on riding here, 
Me: Celestine that's not really a good place for you to sit
Celestine: Well I have to be able to see to tell you how to drive darling, no?
So we were off to Wal- Mart where we found an outfit she liked and would fit, this was no easy task as Celestine is both picky and very thin!
When we got to the car she demanded to have her new outfit put on, so I obliged her and she spent the rest of the ride home playing with the stereo, changing channels every 2 seconds, and wanting to know where is the channel with all the beautiful Spanish flamenco music?
Back home she spent several moments admiring herself in the mirror 
Then she wanted to know where we were taking her out dancing, when I said we weren't, she sighed with disgust and headed to the stereo in the living room, declaring in her exotic accent that she was a beautiful Spanish woman and she wanted to dance, to live , to dream!
UH Celestine careful with that knob......
Too late... I better go run damage control before the cops show up for disturbing the peace, I mean after all , what would I tell them?...That Celestine did it? Hee Hee
Till next time, Love and blessing to you all and a happy Labor day too!
Teresa and Celestine


  1. Oh yea, love your new house guest. She is much more lovely with that outfit. Looks like you've got your hands full though. She might take some taming ! Barbara

    1. Yep, Barbie, she is going to be a wild one I think! Hee Hee
      Love ya,

  2. Well now you know what I have to deal with................. No telling what she will do when your back is turned. HA!HA! Good Luck! I have the feeling you are going to need it!

    1. Yes, I have a feeling I will have to watch this one carefully, well at least you can relate, hee hee.

  3. Celestine is going to give you a run for your money, and looks to bring a lot of adventure to your home. Good luck !

  4. Oh My! Celestine is cute! I love her personality! What fun she brings to the home.

    Love ya,

    1. She is cute isn't she? I think she is fun and just a little bit naughty!
      Love Ya,
      Aunt Teresa