Friday, July 25, 2014

A Few Treasures and an Update on the Gypsy house

Hello Everyone,
  OK, so I just have to know, does it seem like time is just flying right by at the speed of light for anyone else besides me? It's already been a couple of weeks since my last post and it feels like it was just a couple days ago! But anywhooo, I thought I would just check in with you all and have a little chat, care to join me? The weather here has been hot, humid and rainy for a couple of days now, so I decided I should clean the ashes out of the fireplace and put the lovely scented candles back for a little ambiance, what do you think?
 Turn The lovely lady fountain on for sound and

 There you have it, a little ambiance and romance for the soul! so now that the mood is set, I thought I would show you a few treasures I found last week. Some were purchased at Goodwill and some came from a estate sale where honest to goodness, there was so much stuff you couldn't even take it all in and the prices,surprisingly enough, were amazingly reasonable!! First off was this lovely pair of antique cherub candleholders that were $ 16.00 for the set, had to have those since I love cherubs, Yeah ;-)
 Next was this lovely real stone grape cluster for $2.00, not sure if the stones are amethyst crystals or purple Jade but I love them, so weighty and prettier in person.
 These glasses, a set of 6 for 49 cents each, so sweet don't you think?
 Ok not a good picture of this totally girly beautiful goodness of a bracelet that I paid one dollar for, it still has it's 19.99 price tag on it! Anyway, its dangly pearls and citrine colored rhinestones, ever so pretty!

Then there was this little bird bath for $5.00, hope to attract some birds to this living room window but there is not very many bushes on this side, so we will see if it works.
 And finally, here are some updates on Raven and Romney's house, it now has it's wood stove in the corner and it looks like Raven has a pot of stew on to cook as we speak, yumm. It seems Raven has been very busy and has hung a picture by the table, made some herbal remedy's for the hutch, filled the urns on top with dried herbs, upholstered the seat there behind Romney and unpacked her lovely candleabra that she inherited from her own sweet Mama.
 Raven has moved the bed in to the bedroom and hung the mosquito netting over it and covered it with her grandma's quilt. She has a lovely tapestry with a unicorn hanging over her dresser, there's still things to do, but she's settling in quite nicely.
 She's hung her lace curtains and gathered some herbs to dry in the upstairs window( upstairs because you can't close the door if they hang in the kitchen windows ) Ok, well that"s all for now folks, Will update you as Raven and I make progress with her home, Also being a gypsy and all, Raven is an excellent story teller, you'll have to come back to hear the story she's planning to tell Romney about a beautiful young blonde lass that wondered into the camp one day a few years ago.........Till next time, Love and Blessings to you all,

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Raven and Romney's House

Hello Everyone,

  Well it's been quite a while since I've posted, so I decided I better check in and let everyone know I'm still here!! Sometimes I just don't have anything very interesting to share, you know it's just the day to day stuff, not so inspiring :) But I have been working on something recently that I thought I would show you today...
       Do you know what this is?This is a wine box turned gypsy dollhouse! I found this box at the flea market for $12.00 and after discussing it with my husband, decided it would make the perfect little rustic house for Raven and Romney, in case you don't remember, Raven and Romney are the gypsy's that are living in an old servants house on the Valentine estate, you can read about that back a few posts. I turned the box up sideways and put feet on it so it could open easily, then my husband made a shelf to serve as second floor. (matching the stain was no easy task!!) The windows, shutters and doors are just pictures I found on the internet and printed out and then I used Modge Podge to paste them. Jerry made me a little overhang for the front and we put the shingles on and stained it gray to resemble weathered wood. I added flower boxes and vine and voila! The gypsy house is born!! I'm really rather pleased with how it looks considering it's humble beginnings.
 This is the top of the box where it's stamped.
 I still have a lot to do on the inside, so I will update you later, but I thought I would show you what's already been done. As you can see it's a small house, but after living in the caravan, it seems quite spacious to Romney and Raven ;)
 I still need to get a stove and pictures and pillows for the bench behind Romney, so this is just the beginning
 Here you can see Raven's herbal remedy book that has been passed down through her family and her mortar and pestle for making her remedies that she sells and supplies to Dr. Valentine in trade for rent ( as well as eggs from her chickens and yarn from her sheep)
 This is the bedroom area and I don't have a bed yet but you can see her spinning wheel here

 The windows inside are the same as the ones outside, I still have to make curtains, but here you can see some herbs hanging in the window to dry and is that naughty cat trying to figure out a way to reach the bird cage? Hmm very suspicious!! I will show you updates in the future as this little house unfolds :)
 Okay well on another note, I don't know if I've mentioned before that my husband, Jerry is an auctioneer and about 2 weeks ago he was auctioning this little shadow box and bought it for me, it's now hanging in my kitchen, such a sweet man!!
 You've seen my boudoir doll before but the teddy bear and the little German? russian? girl and that bride doll are little treasures that were also a gift from the husband recently and so I thought I would share those with you also.
 These are sitting on the floor in my bedroom, I think I need another glass cabinet what do ya'll think? Well that's all for now, so till next time,
Love and blessings to you and yours,