Saturday, November 8, 2014

Seasons of change

Hello Friends,
     It's ever so subtle, it is, this changing of the seasons here in the sunshine state, first a gentle cooling of the days, then a random cold night, followed by another sunshiney day. A scattering of fallen leaves crunching under your feet like pringle potato chips, the sun shining in that slightly brighter and different angle, this is the gentle days of autumn. I take moments to smell the clean smell of cooler air, to appreciate the remaining flowers and to remember that life's always changing! I don't want to miss anything!
  How about you, my friend, are you enjoying the changing of the seasons? Oh I do hope so, and speaking of changes, there have been a few made over at Raven, the gypsy women's house. You might recall that the last time we visited her, the house looked like this

 Well there have been a few changes, it seems Raven has been very busy indeed! She's wall papered the whole place and I must say, I think it looks so much better, what do you say? ( I just couldn't make peace with all that brown, just to dreary, even for an old servants house! ) Besides being a gypsy, Raven likes color!
 As you can see, Raven has filled up her home apothecary, with all of her special herbs and remedies, my goodness, I wonder what is in all those jars, eeks! I'm glad she knows what she's doing, otherwise it looks like it could be lethal ;-)   OK it's really just herbs from my own kitchen, so lethal might be a bit strong, ha ha. Oh and colored water with fake or dried plant material! I'm telling you in case you want to make some for your own doll house!
 OH Boy, the bedroom has changed completely, looks like Raven bought new furniture and got new bedding. It seems she's been out gathering flowers and herbs to dry, so pretty! I must say, I find these changes most pleasing, good job Raven, ( OK, I hated the way the bedroom was before, too hodge podge and not the way I wanted it to look at all, but after trial and error I'm finally happy with it! ) I think I found that balance between Rustic and pretty that I was hoping for . As you can see, my husband electrified it for me and now her candles give off such a nice glow in the evenings.

 Now the last time we saw the ressurection tree, it was a bit on the scrawney side as you might recall.
( Easter tree that you hang glass eggs on, hee hee, hence the name )
 So you can Imagine my surprise when I saw how it  had grown into this! WOW, that's quite a change, wouldn't you say?

I immediately questioned Raven to find out what she has been using on this tree to get these kind of results, she assures me it's nothing special, just this.............. 
 Ha Ha, Hee Hee, Oh Raven is such a funny girl sometimes! This is one of those chinese jade trees that my husband brought home from his auction house, just perfect for my purposes!
Well, that's all from Raven's house for the time being, but you all know by now, how naughty Celestine can be when left unattended, so let's just see what she's been up to, shall we?
 Uhmm, excuse me Celestine, but why are you digging through my purse?
Well to see how much money I have darling!
How much money YOU have Celestine?
Yes darling, how much money I have ( well silly me, I thought that was my money)
 Uh Celestine where are you going with those car keys and my, urrh.... YOUR money?
Well not too far on this amount darling, but maybe a little shopping, a pizza Yes? ( oooh, cheeky little devil ! )
Now let me get this straight, when it comes to cleaning up messes, that she made by the way, she says, no can do, because she is just a doll and dolls can't clean messes, but she intends to drive my car! OY VEY, does anybody else see the contradictions here?
Well, with that , I guess I better go, it seems I'm taking Celestine out tonight!!! ( well you didn't really think I was gonna let her drive, did ya? Ha!)
Till next time, love and blessings to you all,
Teresa and Celestine


  1. great post, I love the changes in gypsy house. So very colorful, I think I might have a bit of gypsy in me ! Love it ! Take good care of sweet Celestine. Barbara

    1. Thanks Barbie, I definitely like it better with color too and taking care of Celestine is a full time job!!
      Love Ya

  2. I very much like the new and brighter gypsy house , and you did it while retaining the rustic look I like. Better still, Raven likes it !

    That naughty Celestine !

  3. I love the updates you've done on your house. The wallpaper, new furniture, and fresh herbs are all like a breath of fresh air. The front of the house is so cute, with the blue shutters and window boxes. You've done a beautiful job all around! xo Jennifer

  4. Yes, you have improved the rooms with the wallpaper. The pot plant is nice. Is it glass?

    1. Thanks, I'm guessing you mean the big plant I'm using as a tree? actually the leaves are supposed to be jade, but I'm not sure if the flowers are also jade- could be glass?

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