Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Simple Things

Hi Everyone,
      Well, I told ya'll I was going to pull together a few simple decorations and simple it is, just one little tree

My husband and I just didn't feel up to re - arranging the garage to get the attic stairs down and then hauling it all back up there after new years. This little tree was just sitting in the garage because I use it for other holidays and these hand made ornaments, because of their more fragile nature, were in my closet, so viola... easy!! Now I adore Christmas and can never let it pass without at least some decorating, I mean after all God gave us the greatest gift the world has ever known... A savior... Jesus!!  If that doesn't deserve celebrating I don't know what does!

I love the Idea that some women made these ornaments either for someone special or for her own Christmas tree. I have a Christmas tree book that showed a tree done entirely in these beaded ornaments. The gentlemen stated that they had been gifts every year from his mother, who had made them for all her children, After I saw that picture, I decided I had to have some of these and since no one in my family was making them, it was off to e-bay to search where I found them in abundance!

As I was placing these ornaments on the tree, I started reminiscing about the first tree I ever recall decorating by myself. I was about 7 or 8 yrs. old and some of my best friends were the 2 little boys who lived across the street, Ricky and Dwayne, their family was friends with my family and remained so all through our growing up yrs.
Well we had what we considered to be our secret fort in the woods ( really just a big hole in the ground with bushes growing all around it, but it worked for us kids! ) and that year I decided to make us a Christmas tree, so the boys got busy and broke me off a branch of some bush ( not pine ) and I didn't have a stand or a bucket so we just stuck it in the dirt! Of course a Christmas tree needs ornaments and as soon as I voiced this need the boys offered me their......wait for it.......Yep,
Army men!! Hee Hee
Oh I was so proud of that Christmas tree and so were they, because after all it was their army men! :-)
So you see sometimes simple really is best! 
So silly!
Did you all have a good weekend? I hope so, my husband took me to Renningers flea market this weekend and I bought these 2 orchids

Hope I spelled those names right, if not ya'll probably know what I mean.
I couldn't resist since she was selling them for 3.00 and 5.00 dollars, such a deal.
Any ways that's about all the news from my little corner ( Have I been rambling on? ) Thanks for visiting with me and now I guess we better check on Celestine 
Well what in the world is going on here? ... Umm Celestine are you whispering sweet nothings in the
husband's ear? 

Well somebody has to get us some money to go shopping darling, no?

OH MY!! she's so shameless, I tell ya, but
maybe she's on to something, yes? ;-)

Well till next time, Love and blessings to you all,
Teresa and Celestine


  1. Awwwww, I love your little tree...

    We have one also. And can keep it upstairs in one of the spare bedrooms.

    There, it is wrapped. And thus, stands ready for the next Christmas, all decorated. And ready to be lit. Isn't that marvelous??? ,-)


    "Here there be musing" blog

    1. Thanks Tessa, Love the idea of just wrapping it up all decorated for next year! I'll be over to visit you soon.

  2. Hi Teresa,
    Thanks for sharing your lovely tree with us and for reminding us that Jesus is indeed the best gift ever.
    Have a great rest of your week!

    1. Thanks Gina, here's hoping you have a lovely week too!

  3. i just finished reading your blog from the beginning, i love it. the miniatures are great and the houses too. celestine make me laugh, she is a handful. love the christmas decorations.

    1. Thank you Shirley, and Celestine is definitely a handful ;-)

  4. Oh the Celestine! Now even he can't resist her. I do believe she is on to something!

    Amy Jo