Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello everyone,
       I hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with love, good food, family and lots of blessings! My husband and I are on our own this thanksgiving since all my family headed to Georgia this year to be with my great nephew Cody. Of course we were invited but I have an elderly dog and my husband has a new business that requires all his attention right now, so it's off to Perkins or Cracker Barrel for us, but when I checked in with the little peeps, things were really cooking!!
Would ya'll like to see? Let's check in with the Valentines first.
 Well it looks like grandma and grandpa have arrived and Victoria greets them at the door, meanwhile...
 Sadie, the cook has been hard at work getting the food ready for the family and the staff
 The table is set and the food is finally ready of course there's turkey and all the fixings
 And pies and cake Oh my, what more could you ask for? ( better pictures, hee hee)
 Abigail takes one last look to make sure everything is perfect
 Finally the whole family gathers round the table ,every one bows their heads and gives thanks and  its time to eat, Elizabeth can hardly wait to dig in.
 The servants all gather in the kitchen, along with baby Darla to share their thanksgiving bounty.
 Looks like cook even gave the animals a nice plate of Turkey and gravy, now every one is happy!!
Meanwhile over at the Ideal household, it looks like they have settled into their new house nicely.
Pete's in his favorite easy chair enjoying the morning paper wondering how long before that turkeys ready?
It seems they have plenty of room for the baby grand piano now and since it's no longer crammed in the corner , Patti plays more often and it's easier for the twins to practice their lessons.

 Mother loves her new bedroom it even has a fireplace, nice huh?
 everything fits beautifully in the new bathroom, Patti loves her swanky tub, she takes nice long hot baths in there at the end of the day.( Calgon take me away)
 The twins are enjoying their new room while waiting for Mother to call them to dinner.
 The whole family has really enjoyed their new patio and Patti has been doing a little gardening out here.
 The dining room is just the right size for family meals and it looks like Patti finally decided to put something in that china cabinet.
 Ah, here's Mother, looks like dinner is almost ready, She calls the twins,
 They quickly come down and help set the table, they can't hardly wait to sit down to dinner
 Yum, mother has the food on the table and it's time for everyone to gather round. she doesn't have to tell them twice!!  We all wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving! Love and blessings till next time
The valentines, The Ideals and of course Teresa.

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  1. Wow, It looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving! And you got to enjoy two turkeys... Such a sweet story.
    Amy Jo