Saturday, November 2, 2013

Miniature Mania

 Hello everybody,
          I trust you all had a lovely weekend? Well I started out feeling a little disappointed. I was expecting my husband and I were going to do some things together this weekend, but he ended up working and I had skipped going to the Fancy Flea with my nieces and sister again, DRATS! Oh well it was raining anyway, so I resigned myself to a quiet, restful day at home. Just as I got settled, hubby called to tell me, he'd found, an amazing estate sale and I needed to get there quick!! A doll museum somewhere had closed down, and they were selling the dolls and miniatures that was left over. It was the last day of the sale, everything was 75% off the already very low prices!! Well it was going to take me a little while to get there, so my sweet hubby decided he'd  stay  and do some shopping for me and boy he really did shop!! I think he bought every piece of wire wicker they had as well as every plant !!  He really, really loves wire wicker, Hee Hee, there's dolls, dishes, food, books, Knic Knacs , a chicken coop, (yep, you read that right!) a room box complete with dining room scene, a bathroom set, and so much tiny stuff I can't even name it all, as you'll see in the pictures to follow. Now comes the amazing part, are you ready? Everything, yes everything, you see in the pictures came to a grand total of....  $150.00 WHAT?? Amazing!! If any of you collect miniatures or have in the past, then you know how really amazing this is! I also won the dollhouse I was bidding on with ebay, Pete and Patti Ideal will be so happy with their new improved home, Yay!! Who are Pete and Patti Ideal ? Well... I'm so glad you asked, Ha Ha,, they're my Petite Princess family that you will be introduced to in the future,( hey I did mention that this thing had blossomed in the first post) LOL. Oh my, this Saturday has been complete MINIATURE MANIA, well it's Sunday tomorrow and that means it's off to church with me. Don't forget to check out the pics, and be forgiving if they are not the best quality, I'm still learning how to photograph my tiny treasures, it's harder than you'd think!!  well until next time, Love and blessings to you all,


  1. Wow, that's amazing ! But I can't believe that chicken coop. Who would have thought ? Barbara

  2. Well I declare! You really did luck out. I love the green table setting , the chicken coop is Victorian family would be complete without fresh eggs in the morning. You sure didn't miss a thing at the Fancy Flea.... It was to wet!

    Amy Jo