Friday, November 8, 2013

The Ideal family get a new house!

This is the house the Ideal family have been living in, as you can see it's a lovely little house (made by todays kids 1960's) But since the moment they moved in with all their lovely petite princess furniture, things have been a little cramped, So Pete and Patti have decided to buy a new home with a little help from their real estate agent (me of course, hee hee) lets check in with them and see how things are going shall we?

petite princess planters under the windows

My goodness such a lot of furniture in this small house

                                            This is Pete and Patti's room
                                  Here are the twins Tommy and Tammy playing in their room
                                          The kitchen with all the lovely accessories
The dining room hmm.. why is there nothing in that china cabinet?
I'll have to ask Patti.
                                      This room has really been difficult for Patti she can't
                                      put the mirror over the sink or put the towel rack in here.

                      Well here is Pete and Patti Ideal ( petite princess dolls by the Ideal toy company 1964)
                    The Phone rings and Patti goes to answer, its good news! it seems that they have won the bidding war on the Marxie mansion and will be moving to their new home soon!!
                         Mother rushes upstairs to tell the children, they are both very excited!
                                        They decide to go see the new house right away.
               Little Tommy can hardly wait to go in, Patti notices how lovely the flowers are and Pete notices how brown that grass is, Oh my!
                               The twins go to see their room right away, Tommy's really glad this room is not
                               so girly and Tammy checks out the cool murals on the walls meanwhile..
                                  Mother checks out that bathroom, Ah yes this should work out nicely.
                                 Father just wants to know where his easy chair is going, such a man!
                          Yes the whole family feels this house will do quite nicely.. whew I'm so glad they
                       approve. the dolls can be most difficult when they are unhappy!
                             The whole family checks out the deck, careful children don't get to
                             close to the edge cautions Mother, Fathers wondering where the stairs are?
                             as a matter of fact he didn't see stairs inside either hmm.... Oh well good thing
                            they're dolls and therefore quite magical and can just think themselves upstairs
                                                           Such a lovely home
In all the excitement everyone forgot about squiggles, the family dog , but he doesn't mind.
He seems to have found something quite interesting in those bushes.
Well that's all for now folks, you'll have to check back in for the rest of the story.  
So till next time, Love and blessings to you all!!
Ok I don't know why the writing turned out so crazy, I've tried to fix it and it still looks crazy oh well, I'm still learning! 


  1. Wow the doll house is so much bigger! It looks as if Pete and Patty are going to love it. I can't wait to see the house when they are all moved in.

    love to you,
    Amy Jo

  2. Hey, I wouldn't mind moving in with them, looks like they will have plenty of room ! On another note isn't the weather beautiful today? I love the cooler mornings. Barbara