Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy new year!!

Hello everybody,
        Well another year has passed and a new one begins, I hope yours has started out with a bang!
My husband and I attended an auction today where I bought some things for my antique booth, well more like a cabinet, at Memories antique mall in Casselberry. I also found a bed for my room that was like it was meant to be, as it goes wonderfully well with my dresser, which also came from an auction. Pictures to follow. what about you dear readers? Did you all have a good Christmas ? I sure did, we spent the Saturday before Christmas with family at my niece Amy Jo's house ( some of you know her from her blog, if not, go check out her site you'll enjoy it!! Christmas day my husband and I opened our presents and he tackled the job of papering grandma and grandpa Harts house, it turned out lovely!! Of course grandma, grandpa , and myself are quite happy and you'll see updates as we decorate. I have several mini projects I hope to work on this year and I'll introduce you to some new characters in future posts. I hope the rest of your day is wonderful and till next time, love and blessings to you all,
 grandma and grandpa's house before paper
 the hubby doing a labor of love
 finished product, I love it ! ignore the red straw its just there to hold the chandelier till glue dries.
 my new old bed, I love it!
 close up of the floral detail on head and foot board, lovely
 dresser I bought about year ago at another auction, don't you just love auctions?!!
 pair of beautiful lamps for my booth
 piece of Roseville also headed to booth below are the pictures from Christmas. Amy with her tree, women all doing what we do best.. yacking and my favorite tree! Amy Jo, if your reading this, remember I'm your favorite Aunt and when your tired of that tree..........  ha ha! 


  1. Very Beautiful Bed! That picture of myself not so much! LOL I can't wait to see the bed in person.

    Love ya,
    Amy Jo

    1. Amy Jo,
      You always look beautiful no matter what!
      Love Ya,
      Aunt Teresa

  2. Oh my goodness, I want that bed ! I absolutely love it and I miss being able to go to the auction you just never know what you will find there. Barbara

  3. Thanks Barbie, I love it too!
    Love Ya

  4. The bed is sumptuously beautiful, good find !

    I am loving the doll house too.